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Information about the company

Dear visitor,

allow us to introduce our company ELISS s r.o.

Members of our company have long tradition and professional abilities on top level in the field of control and automation, also in the field of control equipment design, as well as applications in the industry and complex solutions for building and home control.

Our journey began in The Research Institute of Computers (VÚVT) in 1983 where our department was one of two top research teams in the field of designing CNC systems in former Czechoslovakia supported by government.

Starting with design and production of prototypes of CNC and PLC systems, gradually, together with changing conditions in our economy and industry, we have spread our experiences and our orientation to the sphere of applications. At that time we took part in the projects such as CNC control of lathe for the company TOS Galanta, dispatch centre of lathes for the company SEZ Tlmače, control of the tire quality measuring system for Rubber plant in Púchov, control of the electronic cutter for the Machine-works company in Považská Bystrica and the control system of bending machine for VSS Košice.

In the year 1991 part of our department established the company ELISS s r.o. and we have continued our work on a private base. 

What can we do for you?

We offer complex personalized, consulting, design and application service according to the type of solution and the wish of the customer. We also offer warranty and non-warranty service for all of our solutions and suppliers.

We design control systems and application software (firmware) according to needs and requirements of the project and customer.

We operate in the field of process automation of manufacturing lines, machines and plants and modernization of various facilities or industrial complexes on the basis of control systems according to requirements of the customer. Since 1997, as the first ones in the Slovak Republic, we implement applications in the field of building automation.

Besides primary functions of  the process control, our solutions include human interfaces according to custom requirements, beginning with simple operator panels up to PC dispatching based on PC SCADA software.
All our solutions respect practicality, safety, user's comfort and also the economic aspects of operation and maintenance and aim to save energy resources.

Thanks to the new generation of distributed control based on LONWORKS technology from ECHELON we solve very wide scale of applications ranging from the simple ones to big applications, consisting of hundreds nodes of control network up to PC SCADA dispatch workplace.

We are looking forward to our cooperation.



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