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Customer: TŽ,a.s.Tøinec Czech Republik

Hardware equipment: FW-10 (SAE Electronic Germany)
                               Radio stations FK105 (GRUNDIG Japan)
                               Technological display KA-80 (SAE)
                               IRCīs (Incremental Rotary Coder) for sensing of the pushing-in and pushing-out holes
                               Sensing heads for co-ordinating of the carriages to the axes and number of the cells

Control processors: CPU Z80

Realisation: October 1993

Characteristics of the system:

Distributed control system provides control of technology and co-operation of the service carriages (Pushing, Regulating, Ceiling and Fire carriages) and surveillance system at the coking plant with the pushing working - in two modes: automation and monitor. PLC systems communicate with the surveillance system via radio frequency in pooling system. PLCīs provide control functions and safety functions, too, during process of either pushing in of the cold pressed cube of milling black coal dust or pushing out red hot coke. Surveillance PLC is connected to the surveillance computer system of coking plant.

Additional capabilities of the control system:

- each service carriage moves on the track and is equipped by control system for technology control and another control
  system for position evaluating of the carriage at the cell of coking plant
- pushing carriage is additionally equipped by control system for position sensing of service push in and push out holes
  from IRCīs
- there are radio stations plugged into PLCīs in surveillance system and the carriages, too, for radio frequency data
  communication of control and status commands
- there are technological displays plugged into PLCīs to display technological commands and status messages in the
  cabin of a mechanic
- surveillance PLC is equipped by radio station and serial line RS232 for connection to superior computer microVAX
- process control in automatic mode from the centre based on schedule for four cells together with blocking of the
  carriages at the cell. Schedule is composed in superior computer.
- monitoring of the work in process for the proposal of making records in the superior computer in monitor mode



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