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Customer: VB headquarters Bratislava

Hardware equipment: FW-10 (SAE Electronik Germany)
                                NEUDIS 01 (own development)

Realisation: January 1997

Characteristics of the system:

Distributed control network provides control of separate collection of the waste in 22-floor height building of the bank together with its processing in two presses. Control network consists of 45 control nodes NEUDIS 01 based on LONWORKSTM technology and standard PLC for press service.

Separated collection of the waste consists of two branches - shafts:
     - shaft for municipal waste
     - shaft for paper waste

There are two throw off places on each floor of the building in cleaning room - separately for each sort of the waste. They are equipped with mechanics for throw of rubbish and electronic panel NEUDIS 01. To each of the shaft belongs one control panel for revision place. There are relevant presses (paper press and municipal press) near the mouth of each shaft and distributor with PLC SAE, which provides co-operation of LONWORKS network and control of presses (paper and municipal).

Additional capabilities of the control system:

- functions of service security
- passive fire security together with connection to fire system of building
- connection to information system of building



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