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Customer: VAS – Mojšova Lúčka Veterinary Sanitation Corp.

Hardware equipment: LONWORKSTM modules from SAMO AUTOMATION NEUDIS 03
                               (own development)

Realisation: December 1998

Characteristics of the system:

Steam boiler house consisting of three boilers with summary power of 26t/hour produces steam for technology for veterinary waste processing and heating of factory buildings. To the equipment of boiler house belong two condense vessels for collecting of circulating condense - from old and new manufacture, boiler feeding vessel, water treatment plant, sensing and elimination of grease condense, sediment withdrawal, regulating valve on steam outlet.

Control system is based on the technology, which is compatible to the control system of technology for veterinary waste processing - distributed control network based on LONWORKS processor NEURON. They are on the basis of standard LON modules LW from SAMO AUTOMATION. Control net consists of 14 nodes, which communicate, by twisted pair line. Control system does:

  • monitors the boilers that have own built control
  • secures emergency putting boilers out of action due to minimum water level in the boiler feeding vessel
  • integrates water meters for dosing of chemical compound to the boiler feeding vessel
  • controls pumps to regulate water level in vessels
  • supplies treated water in the case of shortage of water in the system
  • controls the valves for grease condense withdrawal according to turbiscope
  • controls the regulating valve on the steam outlet in the case of exceeding steam consumption from production equipments to protect the boilers against water priming.

Additional capabilities of the control system:

- there are all technological values of the boiler house displayed in the room of fireman: levels, temperatures, pressures,
  flows of steam and gas, passage of treated and feeding water, position of regulating valve on the steam outlet
- three-level security of the boiler house: 1.crashing with alarm signalling in two steps: alarm propagation and putting the
  whole boiler house of action; 2. manual control based on power coupling; 3. automatic control via control system
- open solution with the possibility of adaptive control with interaction to factory needs



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