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Customer: VAS – Mojšova Lúčka Veterinary Sanitation Corp.

Hardware equipment: LONWORKSTM ELW modules from ELISS
                               EKS from Mench&Technik

Realisation: April 1999

Characteristics of the system:

As a result of co-operation of ELISS and the representative of the German company MENCH & TECHNIK came into existence the solution for optimising of energy consumption. We plugged energy system EKS to our LONWORKS control net and built in adaptive algorithms into application process control software to eliminate power peaks and to avoid exceeding energy maximum. Switching off the appropriate units respect individual needs of each equipment operation, its cycle status and keeping of veterinary norm.

Additional capabilities of the control system:

- part of LON nodes serve for distribution of EKS signals via LON BUS and LOTALK protocol
  as remote inputs/outputs



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