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Customer: VAS – Mojšova Lúčka Veterinary Sanitation Corp.

Hardware equipment:  LONWORKSTM Modules ELW from ELISS
                                PC/AT dispatching D/200 for OS/2

Realisation: April 2001

Characteristics of the system:

Blood-processing line is set of casual units and transporters. The final product - blood powder is added to meat-bone powder to its increases nutritious value.

Control system based on LONWORKS takes care of blood collecting and processing and the transport of blood powder according to optioned modus of work: full AUTOMAT, MANUAL with watching all functions from that point of view as are security and fulfils of technologic parameters and SERVICE mode and BREAKDOWN mode offer full individual control of all equipments of any technologic unit without limits. Blood processing line is connected to installed dispatching based on PC/AT.


Additional capabilities of the control system:

- monitoring of run and performance of the drives and continuous control of chosen drives

- monitoring and control of blood flow

- watching and control of technological parameters: temperature, flow, level, current

motor protection, blood tank overloads, status of valves

- archivation of technological process including of text and graphics outputs to printer

- completely open solution with possibility of system spread and addition next more functions



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