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ROOM CONTROL SYSTEM National Bank of Slovakia (NBS) headquarters Bratislava

Customer:                   Johnson Controls Int´s Bratislava

Hardware equipment:   LONWORKSTM modules for building automation from various producers

Realisation                 July 2001

Characteristics of the system:

Building of NBS has 32 above-ground storeys and 3 under-ground storeys and belongs to the most modern one in the Europe in the category of intelligent buildings, thanks to the conception and the extend of solution. All rooms, passages and the rooms of special proposal are equipped by LON controllers to solve optimal light and temperature comfort according to: calendar, two meteorological stations, working time, occupancy of the room by very complex way. They can solve personal needs, too and whole system is connected to central dispatching of the building. LON nodes of the system, which have logical bindings, are for the proposal of:

  • heating and cooling (Johnson Controls) - are bind to controllers of electrical conveyors, valves of floor heating and valves of cooling ceilings
  • control of electrical conveyers (GLAMOX) – built into electrical conveyers
  • control of lighting digital/analogue (GESYTECH)
  • control of light sections (GESYTECH)
  • control of jalousie/blind drives (REKO)
  • room control panel (WEIDMUELLER) – solves for control of individual units in the room or can control the room via pre-programmed scenarios
  • multisensor (PIR, LUXmeter, IR port) (PHILIPS)
  • sensing of two meteorological stations (GESYTECH)
  • support units of LON net: routers, repeaters, link powers for LON BUS, LON data distributors, net control interface (NCI) stations with ETHERNET/LON interfaces


Additional capabilities of the control system:

  • monitoring and control of all units from PC dispatching
  • automatic control of blinds or positioning of jalousies depending on sun position, intensity of sunshine and wind-speed
  • required temperature control by heating or cooling and switching off both at opening the double facade window
  • keeping of light comfort in the rooms
  • amount of pre-programming parametrizable controllers are about 5400
  • communication basis FTT and LPT
  • open solution for next changes



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